Thursday 17 March 2011

How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching?

1. Try to understand the topic and do not memorize.
2. Dress well for the presentation. The formal outfit is preffered to show the level of professionalism, personality and also confidence.
3. Keeping the eye contact with as many people as we can.
4. Speak in a loud and clear voice.
5. Engange with our audience. For example, pose them a question.

tips : 

  • Audience are not listening machines. We should treat our audience differently based on the topic being disussed.
  • Most of our presentation speech will be forgotten. Smile and sound optimistic. So, people will remember that.
  • If things go badly when answering questions, don't make it worse. Just be honest and don't be afraid to say I don't know.
Selamat mencuba! :)



Problem Based Learning : We learn - given some problem - working in group - present
----> came out in my mind when said about PBL.
First time doing PBL is for subject MAF 420. Dislike. Why? because during that time, we just have to present and present. The learning process only depends on that PBL, and discuss some of past year question. Very difficult to understand. ohh, mcm ni rupenye bdk dgree belajar. x mcm dip, sume lec suap (-_-')
tup..tupp..this sem, still have PBL but for AIS. Worried. x nak kejadian yg same berulang kembali  T.T
But the whole learning process, very different. Still have the lecture class and PBL is only part of our assignment.
klu just depend pd presentation kawan2, 50% pun blum tentu bleh paham.

Hopefully, this time will change my perception about PBL..